Tuesday, August 12, 2008


I know that the pressure
won't be put to rest
until i pass this
positive writing test
so my dear friends
you're about to get your wish
my positive day
went something like this:
I got up on time
though I went to bed late,
found something to eat
so breakfast I ate
(even without Mrs. N's eggs)
got laundry done quickly and with ease,
went out for lunch with E
and finally got to see CT!
caught up on the phone and in text
with friends i haven't seen in a while,
"bonded" well with my mother,
this whole day with a smile!
Didn't panic once all day,
(although my heart did flutter)
not even one clonazapam-
and it's hours after supper!
and so my dear friends,
whaddaya say
to my positive poem
about my good day?
(and you know what?
I promise none
of this poem was sarcastic,
ok, everyone?)


  1. [overheard in audience:] ENCORE! ENCORE!

  2. when i have something positive to share, it'll go up...promise!


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