Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Each story i hear
about any other person
going through something
similar to me
makes me wonder again-

how can people be so
cruel, so sick?
how can we survive
over and over?

why do they do it
over and over to
people they should
love and care for?

what can i do
to overcome the pain,
when i feel like
i've tried everything
there is?
what can be done
to educate frum girls,
when they're still young
so maybe, just maybe
some girls will be saved?

when will i truly
feel like i'm moving
along the path to heal?
when will people
stop judging me,
and giving me useless
advice, without knowing
a thing?

where can i go
to really be far away
from the sick,
warped people
who molest and abuse?
where can i go
to hide from the pain?

who can really know
that we'll all heal?
all us people,
who are filled with pain?

1 comment:

  1. This may be useless advice, but have you considered taking martial arts?
    Tora Dojo Karate is all Jewish and a lot are frum. The founder is a frum professor from YU. Not sure if there are separate classes or not but at least our sensei doesn't mind girls coming in skirts.


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