Wednesday, October 15, 2008

will you?

if i haven't showered in a long time
and i really smell bad,
but i come to you for a hug-
will you still hug me?

if It haunts me so much
that the only way to stop It
is to hurt myself so bad that i bleed-
will you take care of me?

if i fall so low and crash so hard
that i can't be allowed to stay home,
and my doctor locks me away in the psych ward-
will you come visit me?

if i call you crying for the millionth time
about the same thing, again,
and i won't listen to what you're saying-
will you still listen to me?

if i stop hating only him,
and what he did and caused within me,
and start hating you and all those around me-
will you still love me?

if i lose all hope that i can ever change
all faith that things can ever improve,
and this last tiny spark within me dies-
will you still believe in me?

will you?


  1. if you did
    then i would.
    but you didn't
    so i didn't.

    it wasn't your fault.
    maybe one day
    i'll believe
    it wasn't mine.

    i'm sorry.


  2. u no hu,
    i'm sorry too,
    but why would it be
    your fault?

  3. for not noticing
    not being there for you
    not knowing what to do...

  4. u no hu else...nobody notices all that much unless i let them,
    i know how to get to you, so if i need anything i will be in touch (and maybe even if i don't need anything!)
    if i knew what to do, i would tell you!

  5. Hey, you said it first -- you don't need to need anything to be in touch! I miss you (and the rest of my social life!)

  6. SD, can i be really mean? 6 questions, 5 yesses...which one doesn't get a yes?

  7. The question about whether or not SD listened in pre1a counting lessons.
    Lets try this again:
    Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, and yes!

  8. u sure bout that? cuz i'm not :( i don't deserve 6 yesses right now. i think i liked it better when you only put 5.

  9. LS, it's hard to believe that after our exchange yesterday you are still asking me that. YES YES YES YES YES YES and an extra YES for questions you may not have asked.

  10. yes-yes-yes-yes-yes-yes,
    and yes for anything and everything else that you may want or need, if i can do it then i will. stay strong.

  11. nechama-a little hard when i have no clue who you are or how to be in touch with you for real, not in such a public place, if you know what i mean...


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