Wednesday, December 3, 2008

quick note

just a quick note to tell everyone that i survived part 3. now is the real waiting time. dr. b didn't know when they were going to sit down and meet about me ("could be vee vill meet today, mebee vee vill meet tomorrow, so h vill call you to tell you eezer tomorrow or next veek. eef you vill be in ze stady, you vill come egen probably efter next veek.") so of course, there's no way to know.

but i survived! i really did! and i didn't panic even once...



    [lets out breath]
    [stops sitting on pins n needles]

  2. good for you! I'm really hoping they take you! :)

  3. shef i, thanks for letting it out. next time, don't hold it for so long! ;)

    SD, i'm not sure anymore if i hope they take me or not, but right now i'm hoping they'll make their decision fast! this hanging in limbo situation is SO not for me!

  4. Its not for anyone. The unknown is awful. I'll be davening fir you?


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