Thursday, February 19, 2009

things i tell you....

i ask you not to care about me, because it hurts.
i really mean, don't say you care.

i tell you to leave me alone, because i'm afraid you will, and if i tell you to, i don't feel abandoned.
really, i'm scared to be alone, and i want you there.

i ask you if you're busy, and when you say you are, i just give a pat answer.
really, i need you and i'm too scared to ask, cause then i'll feel like a bother.

i push you away, because i don't know another way.
really, i want you. i need you.


  1. LS, I know the feeling so well. I do that too...all the time. You probably know that well...
    I won't say I care but....I am never too busy for you dear, you know that, right?


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