Sunday, February 1, 2009

too early

waking up
when i want to be asleep
pills i take
are supposed to keep
me from
waking too early
so why
am i up, at six thirty?


  1. Hey! I didn't guess yet!
    I'm sorry! :( it's NO fun....

  2. I can give you the "Baal Shem Tov Dik" answer but you would yell at me... :-P

  3. SD-u telling me?


    shef-i would? try me. maybe i've changed...

  4. OK, then... You're up at 6:30 because there's a special spiritual effect that only you can bring to this place at this time. :-)

    You might not, actually probably don't, know what it is but if you just do the best you can then that's it. It's true and it's there even when we don't see it.

    So, I'm feeling hassidic today. Let's have a kumzitz.


  5. well then, i musta messed it up big time is all i can say. and we'll leave it at that. thanks for the insight, shef, and maybe tomorrow when i'm more awake i'll be able to digest that one better. have you been hanging around the you-know-which family in the you-know-which place? ;-)


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