Sunday, May 17, 2009

Day 7-May 6

finally had a good night sleep! already got a speech about keeping calm, cool and collected in rounds. i'm not getting my hopes up though. prepared a piece of gum to chew in there, and i keep reminding myself to stay calm. rounds don't start for another half an hour though, and i'm probably not first.

I'M OFF!!!

it's so cool to feel free!! i'm concentrating better in group. i filled out a goals sheet for the first time today. eating lunch in the dining room was better too. i'm feeling so much better and ready to work on my issues.

had a pretty good afternoon. joined most of the groups, did a pen doodle/drawing to get out the shower fear, then i made a list of steps to taking a shower and...
I DID IT!! i'm at the top of the world!

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