Friday, May 22, 2009

positive post VII

this week i...

~said modeh ani every day

~remembered my meds both times every day

~got my hair done and a manicure, no freaking out

~had a friend for shabbos

~went to therapy twice

~had two meals 4 days, 3 meals one day

~visited with two friends on three days, one friend on one day

~completed 21 days and counting of NO SI!

~went to two shiurim


~said shema (5 days)

~completed 9 days of no picking, starting over today

~did laundry

~shopped with my mother

~cooked and cleaned


  1. you forgot to add:

    - gave us all a great feeling reading this going into Shabbos!

    Have a great one!

  2. ***APPLAUSE***

    yeeeesh... I wish I had that much to say about my week...!!!

  3. thanks everyone.

    shef-a bit of advice: keep a log of everything you do. write down everything you accomplish, and you'll see that you have that much to say...


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