Friday, July 3, 2009

positive post 13

to finish off last week, i got a manicure and my hair done, with minimal freaking! sounds worse than usual, i know, but it was REALLY hard not to freak out at the hair salon since it was full of guys, so i'm extra proud of it.

this week i...

~remembered modeh ani every day

~remembered shema some days

~remembered my meds most days

~helped my friend with some stuff she needed to get done three days

~visited with friends/family three times

~ate two meals three days

~went for therapy twice (guy therapist!!) and spoke to my therapist on the phone once

~went to a shiur

~davened three days

~manicure and hair without freaking out


  1. forgot to put in my SI-free count!! check out my ticker on the bottom of my blog for the current count!! :-)

  2. Good job! You're awesome!

  3. I was wondering about ur SI free count! i am counting with u and i am happy to still be counting!!


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