Thursday, September 24, 2009

positive post 25

this week i...

~said modeh ani and shema every day

~remembered my meds every day

~davened every day

~completed two weeks of no SI

~spent time with five friends

~worked every day

~went to the mall with my sisters and spent other time with them

~visited my sister in law

~babysat my nephew

~went to four shiurim

~helped around the house

~went for therapy

~washed my own hair week, even better!

i'm posting this early cause i'm going away for it's not really a complete list

have a wonderful shabbos everyone!

Friday, September 18, 2009

positive post 24

this week i...

~remembered modeh ani and shema every day

~remembered my meds every day

~was in bed before midnight most days

~worked monday to thursday

~went to two shiurim

~ate at least two meals every day besides one

~had the coolest therapy session i've had in a really long time

~davened almost every day

~went to a family simcha

~visited with shef :)

~reached 8 days of no SI

~cleaned for Y"T

~cooked and baked for Y"T

~waited up for my sister to get home even though i was exhausted YEAR, even better!!

Kesiva vechasima tova everyone. thanks so much for all your support this year!


Friday, September 11, 2009

positive post 23

this week i...

~remembered my meds

~davened three days

~said modeh ani and shema every day

~was in bed by midnight every day

~cleaned the house and cooked for shabbos

~ate two meals most days

~worked every day

~visited with friends twice

~washed my own hair twice

~went for therapy twice

~put up a new SI counter :)

Monday, September 7, 2009

need help understanding something-all clarified

the rabbi clarified what he said originally...this was written to one of my friends, not me, so it doesn't clarify it perfectly, but it does help...

You have been grieviously hurt. The pain is still there. Question: Did anyone ask you for forgiveness? Obviously not. There is no obligation to forgive someone who has injured you when they haven’t asked for mechila (forgiveness) [and probably not acknowledged any wrongdoing]. As far as Lo sikom (revenge, ie: “you didn’t lend me, I won’t lend you), lo sitor (harboring ill will, ie: you didn’t lend me but I’m not like you, I’m better), lo sisno (do not hate)-there the Chafetz Chaim says one must be machmir (stringent). “Forgiveness” means absolving the perp from responsibility. That is not required.

If, for example, your two year old nephew would kick you in your shin, and leave a bruise, he’s only two years old, not responsible for his actions. You would automatically “forgive” him. If you can look at the perp(s) as “mentally defective” (and to some extent they are) and not responsible for what they did, and thus forgive them, WOW!! If you can actually have a cordial relationship, then “go to the head of the class.” A remarkable achievement, but NOT a requirement.

When we say vidui, we (A) acknowledge our wrongdoing, (B) we express remorse for what we did, and (C) we ask for forgiveness. Hashem, the Av Harachamon, forgives us. NO, you are not in deep trouble at all! You are reacting as any normal person. Hatzlocha

Sunday, September 6, 2009

positive post 22

sorry i'm late!

this week (including shabbos) i:

~remembered modeh ani and shema most days

~remembered meds most days

~davened some days

~finished my summer job

~had ice cream with my sister

~spent shabbos with shef

~went out with a friend

~caught up with two friends

~went to a shiur

~went for therapy

~washed my own hair twice

~cleaned my dining room and did laundry

next week, even better!