Friday, October 2, 2009

positive post 26

this week i...

remembered modeh ani and shema every day

~davened almost every day

~visited some relatives

~went to work all workdays

~took my niece for a walk

~remembered my meds every day

~helped my aunt

~went for a walk with my sister twice

~was in bed before midnight almost every day

~took a two hour bus ride alone

~reached 22 days of no SI (sorry, haven't had a chance to update my ticker)

~decorated my sukkah

~ate at least two meals most days

~read my CBT book

~cooked for yom tov

~managed without therapy while my therapist was away

~got back in touch with a long lost friend

~did some work for my tired brother ;-)

sorry i haven't been posting much. B"H, i haven't had much inspiration...hopefully, as i get better, i'll get inspired to write more nice things. meanwhile...enjoy the positive posts!

have a wonderful yom tov!


  1. Gr8!!!!
    your positive posts keeps getting longer and longer!!!!!!!!!
    Im so happy for you and so proud!!!!
    have a great yom tov!!!!!!
    and keep smiling!!! :)

  2. Just reading your blog and wondering what SI stands for...

  3. Oh.
    You are so special for coming out of this situation the way you did!
    May Hashem give you the strength you need to go on further and further!


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