Saturday, October 17, 2009

positive post 27/28

sorry it's been so long...

these past two weeks i...

~davened some days

~said modeh ani and shema every day

~went for therapy a whole buncha times

~babysat jack's daughter

~ate two meals a whole buncha times

~did a lot of cooking

~went to shul a buncha times

~went to a shiur

~spent time with shef and another two friends

~had a lot of family time

~took the train alone


  1. hi!!!!!!!!!
    how was yom tov???
    i'm glad to see you posted a positive post!!!
    by the way, who's shef???

  2. yom tov was really nice. shef is someone who used to comment pretty frequently on my blog...

  3. so you met her through your blog? or you ended up knowing who she was?????

  4. no, i knew her, and i told her about my blog. she introduced me to blogging

  5. you mentioned that often you end up meeting people through your blog, who you really know before but it only came out through your blog, like your slide show thing on top says- i might be your neighbor, friend, roomate....

    -does it bother you when people on your blog find out who you are?

  6. sometimes yeah, sometimes not. depends. why?

  7. well, i was thinking that i prob. do know who you are.

    you don't really know me so well though.

  8. then you should definitely make an email address that you can use to email me, so that we can discuss this privately

  9. i'm pretty sure that i know who you are,
    and i wanted tell you that i respect you very much and i really want to do anything and everything i can. but... i don't know if their is anything that i can do.
    i have gone through a tremendous amount of pain in my life and i have grown tremendously through it. it was so difficult and very painful... but i have grown through it. i really feel for you in your pain.....and if i can, i want to help. i want to be their for you, but i don't know if you would want me to be their for you.

  10. can you please email me?

  11. Waaaaaait --

    1. You left out the part of your positive post where you host shef for a rockin overnight and get her laughing out loud and playing games despite having maybe the most stressful week of the year.

    2. You never told me I was the one who introduced you to blogging! Oy vey it's all my fault now ;-)

    3. I only stopped commenting here since you moved your operations to a different site :-P

  12. .....I’m not sure about what to do.....
    i don't have proper email access,
    My parents have always been against us using email unless it's for college or something that has to do with getting sheurim....
    My parents don't want anyone in my family to grow attached to email or internet, so we have been strongly discouraged to use internet, especially email. In email all kinds of random strangers that are not Jewish send all kinds of things…..
    I would feel funny going against my parent’s hashkafos.
    Is there another way???
    Also, there is no need to worry about me spreading word of your identity.
    I am not going to do that. Your privacy remains within your blog.
    But if there is anything that I can do…..please let me know.
    With the hug thing…
    I was thinking and I have an idea- I don’t know if it will help but I would like to try.
    I want to send you something… is that ok with you??

  13. shef-

    1-shabbos goes on next week's. i was talking about chol hamoed
    2-you didn't know that??
    3-i know :-)


    tell you what-since you say you know me, do you have my phone number?

  14. nope. i don't have your number.
    i know who you are and you know who i am,but really... you don't know me at all.

    but in anycase, i know your address not your number.

    can i send you something???
    does it bother you if i know who you are????

  15. nechama-it depends who you are. first, post a comment with what you think my address is, which i won't publish. then i'll decide what i think i should do. and you should really make an email address to communicate with me...

  16. @ nechama:
    Hello?!?!?! You're worried about what kind of emails you might get but not what you'll come across surfing blogs? Sorry, that doesn't jibe. Get gmail, it filters out spam quite effectively, and if you don't give out your email address to random people and websites there is no reason for you to worry about getting email from strangers.

    I think what you are doing now is somewhere between stalking and harrassment. Or in plain english, not nice. How do you THINK it feels to have someone tell you by the way I've been reading your personal life story and know who you are and where to find you but won't tell you who I am or even communicate anything unstalkerish at all.

    It is time for you to either get real or get lost.

    (@LS, sorry for taking up the soapbox on your blog. I will step down now)

  17. .... theirs no need for me to post your address, i just want to send you a small something. it's nothing major, but... it's a small gift from me that i hope u will enjoy.

    i am sending it with a sinscere heart and i hope that it will perhaps help.

    wishing you all the best and much hatzlacha-nechama

  18. shef-no prob

    nechama-please tell me who you are, then i'll decide

  19. Why not send it. Odds are you have the wrong person anyway since there is close to zero identifying information on this blog. In all likelihood some random person 'nechama' knows will get some random mystery something in the mail one day and have no clue why. End of saga for all.


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