Sunday, November 22, 2009

therapy journal 11

been a five all day :-) didn't do much with myself, just a little shopping, but it was a good day in general. not in the mood for work tomorrow though. i'm surprised at my good temp, cuz had a really hard night last night. heard that therapist #6 is gonna be at a wedding at the same time as me later this week, and i'm really nervous, even though she's legally not allowed to let on that she knows me...

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  1. a.l. mr. therapist guyNovember 23, 2009 at 1:23 AM

    I will let you in on a trade secret. Seeing patients at a wedding is something that can make therapists nervous too, and in the frum community it happens all the time.

    After way too many discussions on the topic of how to conduct ourselves in these occurences, at Nefesh conferences, what I have learned is that for the most part, the correct protocol is to follow the lead of the patient. If they say hello you say hello. If they introduce you to their friends or family as "this is my therapist" (don't worry l.s. most people don't but it does happen) you introduce them to yours. If they want to chat, you chat. If they run and hide you do NOT run after them.

    If you are still their therapist, you "process" the experience in the next session (i.e. "how did it make you feel to see me at the wedding?")

    L.s., do I know this one? You want me to call her and tell her to keep her distance? :-)


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