Sunday, January 24, 2010

positive post 29

haven't done one of these in a while. i'm going to do this past week, as best as i can from memory...after that, i'll hopefully start getting better about writing things down.

~went to a family simcha

~went to therapy twice

~made my therapist proud (that deserves its own post, but...)

~spent shabbos with *me*

~went for ice cream with *me* and shef

~showered at *me*'s house :-)

~worked three days

~said shema almost every night

~called my friend in the hospital


  1. Hurray!!!

    The shower should have been in bold, it was a MAJORLY awesome accomplishment!


    I really enjoyed having you over, still can't believe you came! :-P

  2. Awesome Positive Post.
    Brightens my day.

    "(that deserves its own post, but...)"
    Get to it!

  3. Such a nice positive post!
    Gr8 to read it again and hope they come more and more frequently and they get longer and longer!

    LS, you rock!


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