Monday, May 24, 2010

Fear II

this page was fun to do! the Creative Every Day theme this month is "intuition", which i used for the colored part of it. first, i took glue and squiggled it without thinking on a piece of cardboard. once it dried, i placed it under my page and using random colors, i colored over it, to give my page a textured look. i then used black puff paint to outline the different colors, and to write two quotes about fear, and my thoughts about them.

"we should not let our fears hold us back from pursuing our hope" ~John F. Kennedy

i'll be seeing "him" tomorrow. in fact, because we'll be taking family portraits, with all my siblings, in laws, nieces, and nephews, i'll even be in the same room as him for quite some time. i hope to enjoy the family get together, even with him there.

"try a thing you haven't done three times. once to get over the fear of doing it. twice to learn how to do it. and a third time to figure out if you like it or not." ~virgil thomson

maybe i'll be able to learn to really let myself go and enjoy myself, even if he is nearby...maybe...


  1. Wishing you loads of hatzlacha today and hope it all goes well! You can do it, LS! Hold your head up high and make sure to let yourself enjoy your evening!
    P.S. This is a really good piece.

  2. I really like these art pieces you've been showing...thanks

  3. Mr. a.l. therapist guyMay 26, 2010 at 1:45 PM

    You want to enjoy yourself with him around. You are going to be with him 3 times.
    Your quote says you need 3 times to see if you really like it or can enjoy it.
    The first time to get over the fear. Well, you survived. Good luck on the next two!

    I still say bringing a machine gun would help you "learn how its done." LOL

  4. itsagift-thanks! you already know how it went...btw, i never did get your email. i finally went to check...


    mr. a.l.t.g.-i wish it was only three times lol! we'll see what ends up happening...and i don't really know much about that quote or how true it is...


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