Tuesday, May 11, 2010

my toolbox, pictures

here are the pictures i promised you!

(sorry, this one is a little blurry...)

all were made with craft foam (one of my favorite art supplies), puff paint, and hot glue. the box is a square black one. the sides are also decorated, but i didn't bother taking pictures of them...


  1. OK,
    now you're making me downright jealous!!
    This looks awesome.
    (I love how you made humor in a happy face shape, btw...)

  2. Awesome!

    You have quite a toolbox!!

  3. G6, how am i making you jealous? i originally tried to make all of them in matching shapes, but it wasn't really working out, so i gave up on that idea...

  4. I'm jealous b/c this looks like such FUN!!!

  5. lol. they're not fun to have to use! but making them is fun...i think everyone in the world should have an art journal!

  6. lol. I wish my therapy would be this fun.

  7. it's not always this fun, anonymous. sometimes it's pure hell...but my therapist does try :-D

  8. I love the way you wrote "my tools" these are really amazing all of them. You are so creative.... and the tools are a great idea!!

  9. i love writing letters in different "fonts"...i do it all the time!

    the idea of a toolbox isn't my own, by the way. it was purely my therapist's idea, i just dressed it up.


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