Thursday, June 24, 2010

Psych Ward Song

Wake up every morning
Nothing new to see
The sun just might be shining
But it don't shine on me
Vital signs and many groups
Missing food and tasteless soup
ain't that grand, ain't that grand

I lay in bed each night and start to wonder why
I cannnot just go and kiss my tears goodbye
I can keep on crying, they can keep on trying
Hard to understand, understand

But still I've got a hope, that keeps me going til tomorrow
Though I don't know where it's coming from
I know that soon my day will come
I will go home, be on my own
But still I've got a fear, that I am getting no where
Hey you out there just tell me please
When will my heart just be at peace
So I can feel that hope is really there

Cause you're in frozen time and stuck inside in the psych ward
Needing exercise and sleep and meds in the crazy psych ward
We've got to stand up and unite
But shut up and stop the fights

Cause life just ain't that normal when you're stuck on the inside....
Stuck on the inside!


  1. You wrote this song? Awesome, awesome job. Now I want the tune :-).

  2. G-thanks

    coping, you have my number! call me and i'll sing it to you. i only changed around the words to another song, and BH came home before it was completed...

  3. Been there. This is so right.


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