Thursday, March 16, 2017

Old Friends

Today, I got to thinking
About Old Friends.

You know,
The Old Friends You kind of forget about.
The ones who were there for you at the important times
That you didn't know were important.

So, this is to you...
The Old Friend
Who taught me science
So I could retake the test I handed in blank
Because I had no memory of anything the teacher said in class.

The Old Friends
Who took me under their wings
When they were really busy with their teenage lives,
And I a little kid
Invaded their bungalow
Didn't shower
And hid in closets.

The Old Friends
Who accepted the things I told them
Wise beyond their years
Didn't freak out
When I spoke of sexual abuse
When we were only 13.

The Old Friends
Who studied out loud on the phone
When it would have taken them half the time
To study on their own
But did it anyway
So I didn't leave school
Feeling like a complete failure.

The Old Friends
Who came back
Time and again
Even though I pushed them away
Ignored them for years
But were there anyway in my times of need.

The Old Friends
Who went with me to
And other more uncomfortable doctors appointments.

The Old Friends
Who saved my life
By coming over in the middle of the night
Dragging me away from
My Weapons of Self Destruction
And not giving me any choice
But to Live and Fight on.

Thank you, Old Friends.
Some of you will see this.
It will show up in your inbox.
Some of you, I don't even know how to contact anymore.
But whether you see this or not
Whether you recognize yourself
In my words
Or don't even realize you know me,
I thank you.