Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Mental Illness, Disability, and other words I "shouldn't" use about myself

I just posted this on an online support group for frum women dealing with mental health issues. I feel like it belongs here, though, as well.

So here goes!

Okay, I'm gonna say it.

Many of you know me in real life. Many of you may think you don't, but will find out you do. Some of you really don't know me at all.

One thing that many people here (and in the world at large) have in common, however, is disliking putting the word "illness" or "disability" alongside their identified struggles. I am not among those people. 

The point in this post is not to make you change your mind about how you should identify yourself. That is purely your prerogative. If you aren't mentally ill/disabled, or don't feel like the words should be used to describe you, that is your right. However, please consider my perspective!

Hi, my name is Little Sheep. My name is Mamela. I have 22 other names as well. I am mentally ill. I am disabled.

I am linking to an article on the topic which I would love to discuss!

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