Tuesday, December 8, 2009

therapy journal 22

had an ok day today.

therapy yesterday was really hard. she wants me to start in a DBT program, and i'm really nervous to do it.


  1. what does DBT stand for?

    (ok fine . . . I'll google it)

  2. Dialectical behavior therapy

    What are you nervous about? It sound slike it's just a mental therapy thing, so it's not like you'll have to do anything weird. It's bizarre, maybe, but the therapist probably realizes that, and as long as there is no avoda zara issue what is the problem?

  3. it means going into the city at night, four nights a week. i'm not sure i can handle that...

  4. Supposedly there is a way to do part of it by yourself, or over the phone/internet. I dont know how that would work, but are you able toask about it? it would at least cut down the time you would need to go.


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