Sunday, December 13, 2009

therapy journal 24

shabbos was really nice. had A over, and went to visit EG. plus, went to visit my bros and their wives and kids.

had a family chanuka party after shabbos, and for various reasons, jack wasn't even invited! i was able to really enjoy myself :-)

went to visit *me* today, had a nice time with her. was a stressful day though.

now i'm busy debating DBT...i really don't want to do it. maybe i'll be lucky and the waiting list will be too long...


  1. "maybe i'll be lucky and the waiting list will be too long"

    Haha, the best way to make decisions is have them made for you!

    Sounds like your Chanuka is going well.

    What are the reasons you don't want to do DBT? (Other than the shlep to the city.)

  2. It was so nice to be with you and your family - your folks are awesome - thanks for sharing your shabbos with me.

    You will like the parts of DBT that incorporate yoga practices, just lookin on the bright side...

  3. hey allison!!!

    so far, DBT is on hold while my therapist does some research...


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