Sunday, February 7, 2010

positive post 31

this week i...

~ate breakfast every day

~worked almost every day

~went to a family simcha

~helped my sister in law

~visited two friends

~took omega 3 most days

~went to the psychiatrist


  1. Awesome! Good for you!

    Keep these positive posts coming! ;-)

  2. I read a poem recently and thought of you; it's excerpted in the front of Marian Keyes's newest novel (The Brightest Star in the Sky); anyway, this poem is titled "Little Red Riding Hood" and is written by Christina Reihill:

    Once upon a time
    I was you
    Keeping secret
    Being True

    What happened child
    Of golden hair
    What happened then
    I wasn't there

    Running wild
    Laughing free
    Bursting sun
    You reached for me

    But another won your heart
    That day
    A smiling lie
    Danced your way

    You followed him
    Into a wood
    No one saw
    The wolf in hood

    And now you stand
    And stare at me
    Your frock is stained
    Your knees are green

    How do I hold your hand and stay
    How do I heal
    That death
    In May

    This day
    This night
    This hour
    Long due

    This ink
    This page
    This prayer
    For you...

  3. The green knees image really sticks in my mind. What was going on in that wood?



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