Thursday, June 10, 2010

i'm sorry

writing the words again down here, cuz you can't see them clearly in either picture i took.

"dear friend,
I'm sorry...
for turning to you...
for not coming to you...
for hurting you...
for scaring you...
for worrying you...
I'm sorry for who I am, and for not working hard enough to change

I'm sorry...



  1. You don't owe your friends an apology for being who you are while experiencing difficultly. You are going through a hard time now and have to think about yourself and your own road of healing. You need to have friends you can rely on...and it's good you have them!

    Don't worry about scaring us or causing us to worry, it will only make us daven harder!

    Hashem is with you always, holding you SO tight! Hold on strong, you WILL get through this!

  2. someone who caresJune 11, 2010 at 2:23 PM

    Please don't give up. Why are you apologizing? Would you be so depressed if you had any choice? But we ARE scared and worried because we care about you. Don't look back, except at good things and keep an eye to the future.You have done amazingly well this year(according to what you have reported) and have made so much progress. Moods are like waves. They come and go. Please don't obsess. Enjoy Shabbos as much as you can.

  3. little sheep,

    Please don't apologize for who you are. You are little sheep, the only one of you, with unique gifts to share. You are working very hard, but change doesn't come as quickly as we would like.

    Please keep posting your progress. It always encourages me to see what you are doing. Sometimes I even try to do the same project to see if it helps me!


  4. thanks y'all.

    and kathi-that's part of the point in posting all my pages...i want people to try them out on their should post yours too when you're done!

  5. i think that i feel the same things you express, and I have very few "friends" to talk to about my stuff anymore as they're too busy with their own lives, their children, grandchildren, their families. And I really wonder if they care, or understand how difficult things can be at times.It cna be very lonely.

  6. dear little sheep-
    thanks to u, i started doing an art journal.... u saved my life last night. Thank you so much!!!!!
    Good luck! I'm davening for u! I hope someone will help uas much as u helped me last night....

  7. evanna, I'm glad the art journal is helping you! I've been working hard on mine, but haven't had time to post the pages. Email me please, if you want to talk more!


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