Tuesday, June 22, 2010

June 14, hospital journal, day 4 part two

this page was really hard for me to do, but was really helpful. first, I wrote the words "my positive thoughts about men on unit" in puff paint, and waited for it to dry. then i wrote all my negative thoughts about the male staff all over the page, and painted over it, so you can hardly tell the words are there, even if you look really closely. when that was dry, i wrote all my reframes (thanks CBT!) on top. they can't be read in the photo, so here they are:

"they will not hurt me"
"they care"
"they are trained professionals"
"they help keep me safe"
"they are here to help me"
"they have had background checks"
"they would never touch me unless it it's medically necessary"

it helped me deal with having male staff on the unit during the day, but i still struggled a lot with the men doing "checks" at night when i was sleeping...(checks is when every fifteen minutes someone pokes their head in to your room to make sure you're alive, sleeping, and not in any trouble)

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  1. Really, really cool one, LS!! That is an amazing way to help change your view...slowly...slowly...wow, I really, really like the way you did this one!

    May the positive thoughts keep coming and help you to your unique road of healing!!


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