Wednesday, June 23, 2010

June 21, hospital journal, day 11

journaling about how nervous i was that they would change their minds about sending me home after i fought with the nurse for two nights in a row.
expressing my joy after going to rounds and discovering that they really were sending me home on monday!


  1. Do you ever think about just....walking out of these places?

  2. nope. and i'll tell you why. this is what happens if you try to run away from a psych ward:

    big burly guy grabs you. takes you to the back of the unit while you scream. they push the buzzer button, alerting every unit in the hospital that there's trouble on your unit, so that help can come from wherever they can spare staff. they put you in a padded room, give you a tranquilizing shot in your bottom to calm you down, and shut the door and watch you through a window until you fall asleep. they take away your clothes and shoes, and make you wear a hospital gown, and make you stay in the back of the unit until they re-evaluate your elopement risk.

    still think someone should try to run away?

  3. Well if they're going to be all draconian about it, I guess not... :-/


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