Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Therapeutic Art Activities for Trauma Survivors

Hi everyone!

You probably noticed my current obsession Art Journal". I'm finding it really helpful. I hope you are too!

There's a new twist to the art journal project, and I need your help for it. My therapist gave me a major summer project: to write a book on Therapeutic Art Activities for Trauma Survivors. I can't do it myself though! I need volunteers to try out the projects that I've done so far and give me feedback by email, so i know what to include in my book.

If you can help in any way, whether by trying out my ideas, or coming up with some of your own and passing them on to me, please email me!

Thanks so much,

Little Sheep


  1. to the person who commented about the masters thesis...wasn't sure if you wanted me to publish that comment, so i didn't. i emailed you though.

  2. BH I didn't go through major trauma, but I am interested in trying art journaling...can I join your project? how do I start?

  3. ms, my email address is littlesheffele@gmail.com email me, and we can discuss whether you should join my project, or try out art journaling in another form.


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