Wednesday, August 29, 2012


We as a community
Don't stand as strong
As we'd like to pretend

We don't protect
We don't support
We don't avenge

So if you are in a position like mine
I hope you don't mindy
But there's nothing we can do to help

We don't have money for you
Because you mean nothing
You're just someone created
To abuse.


  1. I think there are things we can do ... especially ... I think we can take better care of ourselves than they did ... but you've got a point too!

    Our best,

  2. Little Sheep, I don't know where you live, but in Brooklyn, NY, there is Ohel, and in particular Tikvah at Ohel that offers mental health services to the community. Many of my patients have come from there. www.ohelfamilyDOTorg
    If you need more information and live in the NYC area feel free to email me, I am a psychotherapist.

  3. Cherut-I would be glad to email you, but you don't have that information in your profile. If you are really interested in helping, you can email me, as my contact information is public in my profile.

  4. ur right little sheep.. there really isn't anyone assisting victims of abuse such as us... in fact - SOVRI helps with referrals - but what about payment? Therapy costs about 130 dollars and upwards for 45 minutes to an hour,and then if medication is needed then one has to pay over 200 dollars per session!!
    yeah Ohel talks a lot - but their therapists are mediocre... if you would have cancer, you wouldn't go to the doctor in the clinic - you would try for the best.... Do you blame people in that situation? no? then don't blame us for wanting to be better and paying for top therapists...
    Hatzlacha ;)

  5. $130 a session if you're lucky! I haven't heard anyone charging that little in a long time...


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