Sunday, February 16, 2014

Dear World

Dear World,
I am a liar, I hope you'll forgive me though.
Dear World,
I cannot help it, I'm afraid of you, you know.
Dear World,
If I would stop the hiding, let you in my head,
Dear World, would you be see me as a burden or a friend?
Dear World,
If I would tell you, that you work with me each day,
Dear World,
You sat with me in class, in camp we'd always play.
Dear World,
I am your neighbor, your relative, your friend,
I lie to you each day, but now I make amends.
You see, I need your help; hiding won't do it any longer,
And maybe, oh just maybe, telling will make me stronger.
So here I am to tell you, I don't request funds for "a friend",
If you donate to my DID fund, you're helping me, in the end.
Dear World,
Now that I've told you, I give permission; go ahead,
If you can't handle my truth, you can hit "unfriend".
You can stop following me, block me, delete my number,
Just before you do it, I ask for one small favor.
Tell me that you're doing it, that you find my life too hard,
If you are honest about it, I'll forgive with all my heart.
If you just disappear, or simply pretend to be a friend,
I'll find out eventually, and it'll hurt more in the end.
With my heart and soul exposed,