Wednesday, September 24, 2008

why go on?

tell me my friends
what reason you can give
for someone like me, in so much pain
to want to go on, to live?
go ahead, i really let
you can give it a try,
but i can almost guarantee
you won't even get me to cry.
you're right, i know,
if i die, he wins
and why should i die
because of his sins
but winning or losing,
why would i care?
if i live, the pain
is still there!
so if it's alright with you,
you'll have to find another
a different type of reason,
that doesn't include my "brother"
i know that you predict for me
a future hopeful and bright
but i'm living in the here and now,
with pain all day and night.
well don't you worry my dear friends,
i won't try suicide,
cause one thing that i do have left,
though battered, is my pride!

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