Friday, July 31, 2009

positive post 17

before i start...

i'm going on vacation for two weeks, so this will be my last post til i get back, unless i happen to get internet access at some point. i don't expect to though. don't miss me too much!

i wasn't so good about writing things down this week, but here goes:

this week i...

~had a friend over twice

~remembered modeh ani and shema every day

~went to work three days (on time all three)

~went for therapy twice

~remembered my meds every day

~fasted tish'a b'av!! (i almost never fast)

~went out for ice cream with *me*

~didn't freak out when i ended up alone in an elevator with a man

~told my therapist when i was triggered in session, and then grounded myself

~got a manicure and my hair done without freaking out-AND didn't get told to relax even once by the manicurist!

~ate more than one meal a few times

see you in two weeks with a REALLY long positive post!!


  1. That wasn't *just* ice cream! :-p

    Keep it up lil' sheep! :-) We'll miss you, but hoping to see you soon! :-D

  2. Way to go!!!

    I'm especially proud of the being open with your therapist and grounding one! Awesome, gal


  3. Hope you totally enjoy your vacation!!

    I just wanted to let you know I tagged you in the meme

  4. may you have many more positive days

  5. I'm glad to see these positive things and I hope you're having a wonderful vacation.

  6. i miss having u around


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