Monday, July 6, 2009

what does happiness feel like?

i want to write a post with this title, but i can't get the words to come out. it's a problem with the way i write, i only get stuff to work when i'm really down. but i don't want it to be that way! i'm happy now, and i want the world to know! help me write it everyone!! what does happiness feel like?


  1. Sunshine on a green field,
    Kids playing on a nice summer day,
    Chocolate ice cream dripping out of the cone and down your chin,
    Taking your socks off and wading in the shallow waters at the ocean's shore,
    Swinging on the swing in the park,
    An ice cold cup of lemonade after an hour in the boiling hot sun,
    Singing along to a catchy tune,
    Comfortable shoes,
    Splashing through puddles after the rain stops,
    Cake batter left on the mixing bowl,

    Ahhhh that was great! I feel so much better now!

  2. My happiness is:
    * watching my children laugh and being able to provide for them what I did not have.
    * a good night's sleep (rare)
    * singing in the car with the windows down and the wind blowing through my hear
    * the smell in the air after a spring rain
    * Seeing the sun set over the rocky mountains
    * my dog's unconditional love...
    * my son's enthusiasm when he plays baseball
    * my daughter telling me i'm the "best mom in the world" (and I look 20 :-)
    Thanks! That started my day off on a good note!
    ~ Grace

  3. Happiness is reading a post like this!

  4. genuinely happy for you rebbetzenJuly 7, 2009 at 2:24 PM

    crisp fall afternoon...looking up into the leaves of a brilliantly yellow-leafed tree...bright blue sky filtering thru the leaves...

    coming home out of the snow...warm indoors...heavenly smell of dinner in the oven...fingers tingling, adjusting to the running up to you in a huge hug...

    torrential rainfall outside, hammering on the roof above...curled up in bed with a book...warm halo of light from the adjacent lamp...

    standing in the middle of the night...bathroom light on...teary-eyed baby nestling into your arms...calming down...melting into you....swaying from fatigue...and from overpowering love...

    i can go on and on....

  5. I think happiness is a shallow word for much deeper and more complicated feelings....
    It means something else to everyone...
    What causes me to feel happy today.... may make me feel unhappy tomorrow...

    I understand why you are having a hard time with it....
    It's not that simple!!


  6. I think that every breath you can take without swallowing tears, every smile that you do not fake...that is the start!

    I hope soon enough that you can't stop smiling. :)

  7. "what does happiness feel like?"

    - a ball of joy exploding from my chest

    - a great, hearty laugh escaping my lips

    - an urge to clap my hands in excitement

    Those are all some feelings of happiness for me . . .

  8. Knowing that despite it all
    you are still alive
    the sun still shines
    the waves still flow

    That there is rebirth -
    "hamechadesh b'tuvo"

  9. I was very happy watching this and knowing that I'm not her and not related to her. :-D

    Though was not very happy considering she'd make a perfect presidential candidate...


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