Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Celebrate Your Strength III

thanks so much to all my friends who helped me with know who you are!


  1. Such a nice poster! LS, you did a great job on it!
    Some of the ones I texted you didn't make it on to your list so I'll add them on my own:

    Do-er (instead of waiting for someone else to start a site to support all those shefs, you did it!)

    Sense of humor (you gotta admit, LS, you are funny!)

    Give good advice (this one there's no arguing about! When it comes to good advice, LS knows exactly what to say.)

    LS, this is an awesome poster!

    I'll say it again...

    You rock!!

  2. This is brilliant - good work little sheep :)

  3. this one is actually not the finished product, itsagift. yours are in the finished one :-)

    WG, thanks! can't wait to do more! the idea is amazing!


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