Friday, May 14, 2010

Oh, the Places You'll Go

where do i want to go in life? what do i want to accomplish? this piece of art is a small drop in the bucket, i lost patience by writing so small. IY"H, i'll continue to add more things to it as time goes by...i'm not so happy with the way the little guy came out, but i'm not going to make myself (too) nuts over it...

inspired by Dr. Suess, and Rebbetzin. (thanks!)


  1. It's funny how you said I should comment and this is the first thing I see...
    I LOVE this book. Dr. Seuss is brilliant, and though it seems childish, his words are genius...
    I wrote this: after reading this poem...
    I wish I could read what you wrote on yours (and dont worry, he is cute!) but, it sounds like you are doing well!! Keep posting!
    I hope you go to some fabulous places, whether in your mind or in your life...

  2. that seriously no joke takes alot of time and patients and this is freakin AMAZING

  3. rachelli-that's why i started scanning again, in the scanned pictures, you can read the writing. but this one i'm glad people can't really read :)

    RonBonBoo-if you're into this type of thing, it doesn't take all that much time or patience...but thanks!

  4. Wow, really amazing! Must've taken a lot of time on your part!

  5. itsagift-the writing took forever, the drawing and coloring didn't.

    coping-can't wait to see yours! ;-)

  6. Amazing! You really put a lot of hard work into this!

  7. thanks tracie, and welcome to my blog!

  8. Ur really good. I forgot how I used to be ao in awe of your artistic abilities. And the difference between this and the art I used to see... (with the exception of a certain plate with a certain awesome phrase, lol.)

  9. lol, *me*. you gotta come by and see all my latest art! ;-)


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