Thursday, May 13, 2010

What Is Holding You Back?

this is not really finished yet, but i decided i liked the way it came out enough to post it. and also, i had to prove to myself that i COULD get over my perfectionism, so i posted it even with the splotch that's ending the unfinished word "insecurity".

for this page, i used a generic brand washable (not so)-neon paint that my therapist originally bought for me to use on my toolbox. i tried writing the words in marker, but it wouldn't write over the paint, so i used puff paint instead (hence the big splotch).

i'm trying to identify the things that are holding me back. so far, i think i'm doing a pretty good job of it, considering that it's the middle of the night, and i spent only five minutes or so writing...


  1. I must say, this one is powerful! May you be able to get past all the things holding you back so you will be able to get better, move on and let go!

  2. This is such a creative way to express what's holding you back...
    Does it help you to manage and deal with all you are struggling with to have it presented, so tangible, in front of you?

  3. It's amazing how well you know yourself... know what is holding you back, you really express yourself well with art. It's amazing. Btw you are awesome!!

  4. IAG, amen!!!

    rachelli-i'm not sure yet if it helps...we'll have to find out over the course of the next few weeks! i've only been doing this for a week now...

    MYD-i get help with most of my projects. i usually start on my own, then text half my friends a question to prompt them to help me. i'm not nearly as self-aware as my blog makes me sound!


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