Friday, June 25, 2010

being home

my first few days at home were AWESOME! i'm happy to be back with my therapist. the social worker coming to visit me at home seems pretty ok. and of course, i've been keeping busy with my new therapy project-writing a book! i'm glad i gave up the idea of publishing my poetry and went for an informational book about art instead, it's so much more productive!


  1. my heart goes out for you,whenever i read your posts i shed a tear for you.
    but one thing i realy don't understand,why have you not filed charges against this animal who has destryed your life ?,why is this monster out on the free?,don't you know these animals don't stop,don't you realize that he is molesting and destroying more lives,you must report him to the police

  2. anonymous, life is not as simple as you make it seem...

  3. yes,yes,life is simple,you just pick up the phone and dial 911 and report him,when this animalwill be rotting in jail,this will be the best therapy for you,

  4. for starters, i'm past the statute of limitations. there's nothing the police can do for me.

  5. This question has been bugging me for a while too. But... I understand it is not as simple as it seems. It is so very complicated... especially when it is a family member involved vs. a random pedophile.

    Little sheep is right that the police can do nothing for her.... revenge will be taken care of by Hashem... she has to take care of herself and she is DOING AN AMAZING JOB... (just read the progress on this blog ... :))

    Still the concern about him hurting other innocent children and preventing trauma is very real. Anonymous is right that it doesn't stop without help... and I am sure that this subject is nagging little sheep, her parents and therapists as well... (although noone can press charges other than the victim (at this age).

    It's tough and pushed under the rug in our society .... but there has got to be a way to have him dealt with without being jailed...and forced into help along with other molesters.

    We have to do something in general if we ever want to see a decline in this area.... the reality is so clear ... the amount of victims are enormous.. and growing.....

    What are the options?
    Is anything being done?
    What can we do?
    How can molesters be approached?
    Any ideas?
    I would love to hear!


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