Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Despite the fact that I said I wouldn't cry about this again, I am. I read another review of Hush. And another. And then some survivor responses.

And so, here I am. Back to posting. I thought I was going to take a break for now, and rethink my life as a blogger. But with this book out, it's not going to happen.

When will the rest of the world see? When will they realize that we are normal? That we are just the same as you, just in pain?

And so I'm crying.



  1. I haven't read the book yet, but I was planning to, because I had heard positive things about it.

    Please tell me - is it not presented accurately?
    Is it not presented sensitively?

  2. I read the book as well and it struck a chord. People are slowly learning and seeing....

  3. G6-from a survivors point of view, it's very accurate. So for the rest of the world, yes, it's good, accurate, and sensitive. Just painful for a survivor to read and feel...

    Sun Inside Rain-slowly. Too slowly.

  4. hi, i was trying to buy the book hush on amazon, and i see there are 2, on the same topic. is the one you are referring to written by Aishes Chayil? The other one written by Nicole something or other.

  5. Anonymous, yes. The book I am referring to is by Eishes Chayil.

  6. great book.
    the feelings, emotions and emotional facts are accurate.
    very much so.
    painfully so.
    the way it portrays yiddishkeit may be a bit blown over the top, but the point is strong enough and anyone with a bit of sensibility can handle the inaccuracies in that area.


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