Friday, July 15, 2011


This may turn out to be against my better judgement, but I am posting it anyway.

"Leiby! Leiby!" Thousands took to the streets
looking for a little boy
who didn't come home
missing for just a few hours
and already, the community mobilized
to find him.

And they did.
Too late.
Chopped up.

When it's physical
we all go looking.

But what about all of us
who went missing as children
Whose minds are chopped up
Whose spirituality
connection with G-d
is gone
along with our childhoods?

No one came looking for us...
No one looks for the little girls
who disappear into their heads
whose smiles are gone

No one looks for us
Because our bodies
are still here.


  1. beautiful! thank you for sharing. it is so true

  2. No one?
    No one's looking?
    I'm still looking.
    I'm still looking for me.
    I'm still looking for a better place
    Where mothers doen't poison
    Brothers don't rape
    Little girls don't cry in bed at night
    And we are all not alone.
    Looking for the day
    When I can meet you and say,
    I was looking for you too.

    (How did that turn into a poem? I promise I didn't mean it to be- but know that i am looking for you- i hope you're looking for me too.)

  3. Anonymous, I am looking...just like me, ok?

    As for things turning into poems, that's how I ended up writing poetry myself. I don't usually mean to write poems.

    Frayda, if it's beautiful, and it's so true, then the message needs to be spread. Are you on board with spreading it?

  4. unfortunately, it's because people don't know these girls are "missing" that they aren't looked for. If emotionally someone is missing, and someone knows about it, hopefully they are "searching"...searching how to help her. :( Hopefully.

  5. The problem is, that no one is paying enough attention to notice when the children go missing. And when they do notice, they don't investigate...because these things don't happen, and we can't talk about it.

  6. Whoa. This hit really hard, because I just found out this week about a friend of mine who was abused for years. And like bracha said, if you don't know to look... No one knew about my friend's story for years until she opened up about it.

  7. The night before Leiby was found, when so much time had passed, people were beginning to worry that he won't be found alive. I was worried about that too. Terrified. But I also worried that he may have been abducted by a child molester, and when he is found - hopefully alive - what kind of life will he have?

  8. How old are you little sheep?

  9. anonoymous, I donn't publicize my age on my blog, it would make it too easy for people to figure out more details about my identity than I would like public. Sorry!

  10. Why against your better judgement?
    did you publish this in the yated btw, because someone published something like no one looking as a result of leiby...
    there was a response in the yated.

  11. wow this is a really amazing writing i really loved it. it kinda reminds me of myself...

  12. Amazing. So true.
    Noone finds us cuz noone cares to look.


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