About Me

Hi! I'm Little Sheep.

You may know me...you may not. You may think you know me...but if you do, please keep it to yourself, unless you plan on telling me who you are.

I'm a young woman who was sexually abused by an older brother for at least five years. I'm not sure exactly when it started...It started as "innocent" games, and continued on to so much more. You can read about all of it here, on my blog.

This is the blog of my healing journey. It started off as depressing poetry, with some random journal entries. Now, it's mostly my art, with the occasional reference to therapy.

Please be kind in your comments! I'm still working hard in my healing, which has taken me over ten years so far. I've been through medications, hospitalizations, and ten therapists, and more!


  1. I have no words to express my empathy for the horror that you went through. I hope the process of healing continues smoothly. One question that i have is- if your brother is married, why don't you expose what he did to you for the sake of his kids? Is no one going to believe your story?

    When I hear stories of abuse I get so angry that no one was there for the children to notice what was going on at the time it was happening. Even worse still is when the perpetrators have access to more victims and it may happen all over again to someone else!

  2. Chana, if you read my blog from the beginning (which I suggest, but understand if you or anyone else does not; it is long and gory) you would see that

    a) my story is exposed as much as it can be within the current legal system at this point in my life

    b) this is something I have struggled with for quite a few years

    c) his wife already knows

  3. What does his wife think about all this?

  4. His wife thinks he's a changed man.

  5. this story makes me cry, his wife is sick?! hes a changed man??? i would divorce this man the second i hear this horrible story on him, even hes the best man in the word

  6. Well shefele, I feel sooo bad for you cuz I know exactly how you feel. In fact I myself was Abused a long time a ago. Many things have changed since then, and I tried to forget about it. I think of myself as a survivor and not a victim buy that last part in the back of my mind will just keep on bringing it up... So how do you deal with it?

  7. I can so much relate to u. I was abused by my parents physically, but mostly by my father. I went thru flashbacks, many hospitalizations, medication, therapy and lots of blaiming. its so hard. but I wonder why there's no support for ppl in my shoes, only for sexually abused. if anyone knows anything, I'd greatly appreciate. thanks.

  8. Anonymous, just a few years back there was nothing available for those who were sexually abused either. Unfortunately, I have learned that no one is going to do the work of creating support systems for us, we need to do it ourselves. I started my own website when I realized that it would be the only way I would have such a site.

    Some suggestions:

    Frumsupport.com has a small amount of members who admit to various types of abuse. Join the website, and get to know those people. I made a few friends there myself, though they are long gone from the site, as I am.

    Create your own support website, and advertise it on twitter and other social media sites. You may or may not have success, there is no way to tell in advance.

    NAMI.org is supposed to be a great place to start in looking for support groups.

    Good luck!

  9. I'm so sorry for all that you've been through

  10. I can relate to your story in a way although I am a male. I was sexually abused and raped by my father for many years. I to have had and continue to have a long recovery process. You are strong and can do it. KEEP STRONG.

  11. I really commend your strength and effort to help yourself, come to terms with what happened, and especially TO SHARE you inner person with us! It was recommendedto me, by a close somebody, that I visit your blog. Sure glad I did. Go further, you're a light of inspiration for us.

  12. Jcw is an amazing organization that helps ppl deal w/ abuse of any kind.


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