Here you can find helpful links, books, and other resources. I only link to and list things that i personally have tried out, and can recommend. If you have any suggestions, email them to me at, and i'll check them out.


All Us Sheffelech-a frum support site for female sexual abuse/rape survivors
Frum Support-a frum support site for all sorts of medical and mental issues
Girl Thrive-a  blog, written by Dr. Patti, author of Invisible Girls (more on that later)


Invisible Girls, by Dr. Patti Feuereisen
I Can't Get Over It, by Aphrodite Matsakis
The Courage To Heal, by Ellen Bass and Laura Davis
Waking The Tiger, by Peter Levine
Healing Trauma, by Peter Levine


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  2. Hadar, I'm sorry I never got to your comment before. I'd be glad to answer your question, but I can't email you, as you don't have an email address anywhere on your profile. You're welcome to email me though!


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