Sunday, January 11, 2009


feels like he's here now
and his hands so rough
are hurting me immensely
with his unwanted touch
his hands that go everywhere
whethere i like it or not
and won't go away even if
i use all the strength i've got


  1. Don't go against it. Try to take them on in your boat, but gently.

    I know it is horrible. I know the best thing to do seems to go out of the body. But you are the master. Do not chase them away. Just tell them that they are not all of you. You are more than them.
    Tell them that you can simultaneously have them and do somenthing else. That they will not get 100% of your attention. Just 99, then 98, and so on.

    A big hug

  2. That's an interesting perspective, Ora. I will have to remember that one!


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