Monday, January 19, 2009

weddings II

little sheep is happy,
little sheep is glad.
little sheep never
ever feels sad.
little sheep goes to a
wedding with a smile,
little sheep will wear it
all the while.
everyone knows that
the smile is fake,
but little sheep does
whatever it takes!


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  2. Good for you! Hope the smile reaches your heart...if it's there long enough, I think it can. :-)

  3. I beleive that one day, very soon, the smile will not be fake anymore!

  4. Yes, I understand that a wedding is not a nice place to go.
    I understand that it is horrible to be forced to smile and to tell everybody that everything is fine.
    and I understand that a wedding can be very triggering
    and I understand that somewhere deep down the heart, something says "Why did this pig do that to me? Why should I not deserve to go through shidduch-takeoff like everybody else.

    Little shefele I have been watching weddings for 20 years now. Not that it triggers me, and I do not go often (neither do I get invited too often, meanwhile). But somewhere deep down, I am sad and i tell myself: why?

  5. That's right, do what you have to do -- and remember, there isn't necessarily anything wrong with wearing that mask. Sometimes we really need to just pretend things are OK. Everyone does it at some point, some more than others, but hey it works...

  6. halfshared, BTS-thanks. i doubt it.

    twinkle-sorry that you can relate.

    shef i-who says it works? does it really? i don't think so...

  7. I don't. I know that usually happens what you expect to happen. If you wait for bad happens bad, if you wait for good, happens good. Just don't lose your hope!!


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