Monday, January 5, 2009

new therapist

went into the city today
spent my time in an exciting way
an hour plus with a therapist stayed

we all know that i love therapy
love talking all about what troubles me
and always answer so honestly

that's why i'm surprised this time
that i'm here writing all these lines
cuz really i'm not doing fine

and i really told her so
she let me head back home though
cuz i signed a stupid contract, i know

that it was a real dumb thing to do
cuz now i'm bound, through and through
to stay here longer...with all of you.

feel honored? i feel horrored. promised so many things today, just so she wouldn't lock me up. i can't get locked up. no way. so i promised. but not because i wanted to. are forced promises counted as promises, or can i break them because i only made them so she'd let me go home, and really my heart wasn't in it?


  1. Hatzlocha rabbah!
    I know you can do it! Remember, teeny little baby steps!

  2. already broke the contract a few times... :-(


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