Tuesday, January 20, 2009


note: a few things to remember about this post before you read it:
nightmares are not real. what you are about to read never actually happened to me.
this will be a little disgusting. if you get nauseas easily, or if you get triggered easily, it's not for you.
even though nightmares are not real, and this never did happen, nightmares are a big part of my life.
they make me afraid to go to sleep at night.
they paralyze me when i am awake.
so while this may not be true, in a sense....it is the truth.
some of this may sound like total nonsense.
in a way, it is. i'm not changing it from the way it was written (except correcting spelling errors), and i was not fully awake when i wrote it.
i was just waking up, and writing the beginning while the end was still happening.
if you don't understand it...your loss.

So tired keep falling asleep sick nightmares scaring me waking me up falling asleep again so nauseas from them hurts everything hurts penises and hands and running running where to put the gun touching me swinging in air breasts and vaginas help me
big sicko don’t hide gun listen bigger stronger let him have you no point in running he knows better let him stick himself inside Keep going lick me running running must hide it someone points into room naked men all over screaming ladies hard penis in her face want to leave they all grab me start screaming but laughing hands on penis in face blanket smothering off on off on He says let me play with pussy so cute starts touching playing till wet wipes on my face help me help me help me help me running running no place to hide gun…


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  2. what scares me most is the knowledge that for some people, it's daily reality.


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