Monday, February 9, 2009


you are reading the blog of a failure.
i'm really, really serious when i write this.
why are you still reading?
what enjoyment does anyone get from reading about how i can't manage to be normal?
why would anyone want to keep reading about every stupid failure?

i messed up. again.

remind me why anyone is reading this?



  1. Because I want to help. Just don't know how, yet..

    And you're ain't a failure. Everyone makes mistakes and slips where he slipped already. That happens. Often. It's normal. Just don't lose your motivation. You're ain't here in this world to give up. Do you hear me?

  2. Because we believe in you.

  3. you cant be a failure if you are still alive...we are all here on a mission and once that mission is completed we move on, so obviously you are still needed.

  4. It's not up to me, or you, to decide what is or what is not failure.
    I (we) care about you and know you can and will continue to to better.

  5. Sheve nofel zadik we kam.

    Don't be discouraged, little shefele, please. Send the bill to the perpetrator.

  6. ok. i hear.
    you all don't think i'm a failure. so i'll rephrase it.

    i fail at almost everything important. better?

  7. Ok. That's normal. Thing is your yetzer hora tells you 'you're failed yesterdays, you'll fail today too. You can't move forward because you fail too often.' Your part is to say - so what? yesterday doesn't exist, today I will not fail. Happened to fail today? Ok, today is almost finished tomorrow you will not fail. It's a game of you keep strong or give up.

    You're a strong girl and you will get through all of this. Just don't give up! Smile :)

  8. You rephrase, I repeat:

    Send the bill to the perpetrator

  9. Because misery loves company.
    Our problems may be totally different,
    but a psychiatrist is a psychiatrist,
    therapy is therapy,
    medication is medication -
    and failure is failure.
    It makes me feel better
    to know I'm not the only one ...
    Sorry, I know it's not a very good reason.
    Just a tad selfish.
    I can try making one up if you want;
    I'm good at making things up.

  10. BTS-haven't given up yet. dunno how much longer though...

    twinkle-i wish! my parents are paying for his therapy, so i doubt they could get him to pay for mine...

    anon-you don't need to make anything up for me. your reasons are good enough!

  11. Because we believe in you succeeding in the end.


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