Monday, February 16, 2009

walk from grandfather's house

we leave grandfather's apartment
dollar tucked safe in my pocket
walking home, just me and him
i start cursing, in a game chanting

i don't know the meaning
of the words that i am saying
just repeating, sounds from cars
passing by, near and far

but he, my holy brother
takes upon to be my teacher
the one to tell me that we yidden
never use the words i'm chanting

he-the one who at night...
comes to have a "tickle fight"
the one who'd teach me wrong from right.

how ironic.


  1. Kind of typical for this kind of person: a big moraliser to the outside, a big hypocrite in reality.

    How come they are all the same?

    Their main art is: manipulate, have no scruples, but know how to instill a bad conscience in other people!

  2. The ones screaming the loudest are doing it so that people wouldn't suspect them.

    Remember reading an article linked from, it's like but on a smaller scale, about this anti-gay preacher who would scream about how all of them will go to hell and what kind of sinners they are. Guess what, got caught with a male prostitute.
    Not that I'm for gays or anything.

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