Saturday, November 14, 2009

therapy journal 4

had a really nice shabbos with *me* and shef. l came over in the afternoon, had a nice time. woke up around a four/five, which is pretty good, now i'm closer to a six/seven, not sure why. went out for ice cream after shabbos, now i really need the treadmill. really nervous to go to the doctor tomorrow, maybe that's why my temp went up? need to make some changes in my meds, not sure how i feel about it.


  1. A) I had an awesome shabbos too. Thanks. :-)

    B) your ice cream looked delicious. I drooled all the way home. ;-)

    C) Hatzlacha rabba with your appointment. As always, you know I'm waiting to hear how it went...

    And one last thing- I one the G-Game! Hahahahaha

  2. The ice cream was SOOOO worth it!

    (and one last thing -- @*me*: you just lost your G-trophy with that comment.)

    PS: sorry for changing my name yet again, I just think French is so much more me ;-)

  3. *me* and chef, it was a pleasure having you...

    *me*-i thought we stopped playing?

    chef-lol. you? french?


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