Friday, July 13, 2018

Care Coordinators

The difference between having a care manager who tries, and who does research, and one who doesn't:

Old care manager (OCM): oh, good. You have an apartment to live in
New care manager (NCM): you're rent is how much? Your SSD is how much? That doesn't work. Let's apply for supportive housing

OCM: here are 15 numbers you should call to see if you can get medical transportation
NCM: I'm faxing a form to your doctor so you can get medical transportation. I filled out everything that doesn't need to be filled out by a physician.

OCM: if you need someone to come to your apartment more than once a month, you need to switch to a program with a higher level of care. 1 year later: oh, you don't qualify for that program we talked about last July
NCM: I can meet with you once month, but you clearly need more support. Let's fill out an application for program x.

That's just from two meetings with NCM.


  1. they sound amazing and so involved! you are so lucky to have them!

    can i ask you a question about DID, and sexuality? as someone who has been abused (but not dx-ed with DID) i think im a lesbian. but is that sort of a facade ive come to put on over the years? kind of my brains way of protecting myself, kinda of like a different identity to distance myself from abuse? do i feel that way just because im hurt? i cant see how living as a frum lesbian wouold ever "work out", so as a young girl in my 20`s "im just never gonna get married". im wondering if you can understand or relate to this, and maybe have advice. ive been folowing your blog for a bit though ive never commented, and as im trying to understand my "real feelings" i thought of making a post here, as its not something i feel comfortable bringing up with my team. please dont feel obligated to answer, if you would like to discuss this in email or somewhere more private id understnad as well. regardless thank you so much and i hope you have a fantastic day.

    1. Hi there! Thank you for commenting. I apologize for the delay in my reply, I was having trouble logging in to blogger!

      I wish I had some grand response that would help you figure that out. I've heard of people living as frum lesbians, but I don't have much insight into that.

      Whether it's a facade, an identity from a DID perspective, or your sexual identity is not for me to say. It's not for your treatment team to say either, although it would probably be in your best interest to discuss it with them. A good treatment team can deal with anything without making you feel any more uncomfortable than it probably already is.

      If you would like to discuss this further, please leave your email address in a reply to this comment, and I won't publish the comment but reply with an email.

      Best wishes in your healing,


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