Friday, July 13, 2018

Care Coordinators

The difference between having a care manager who tries, and who does research, and one who doesn't:

Old care manager (OCM): oh, good. You have an apartment to live in
New care manager (NCM): you're rent is how much? Your SSD is how much? That doesn't work. Let's apply for supportive housing

OCM: here are 15 numbers you should call to see if you can get medical transportation
NCM: I'm faxing a form to your doctor so you can get medical transportation. I filled out everything that doesn't need to be filled out by a physician.

OCM: if you need someone to come to your apartment more than once a month, you need to switch to a program with a higher level of care. 1 year later: oh, you don't qualify for that program we talked about last July
NCM: I can meet with you once month, but you clearly need more support. Let's fill out an application for program x.

That's just from two meetings with NCM.

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