Tuesday, July 22, 2008


popping those pills
for emotion ill-
to make you sleep,
wake up, and eat,
bring out the happiness from deep inside
make the pain run away and hide...

let's try Lexapro,
no Remeron is better!
That one's not working but
Effexor might just get 'er!
add in Clonazapam-
it'll stop panic and shakes,
take Seroquel! Zyprexa! Ambien!
if you're too scared and awake
Don't forget multi vitamins-
you're low on vitamin D,
and many people are helped by
taking B-Complex and Omega-3...SO

(tto: count your blessings)
count, count, count those pills every day...
count, count, count those pills or you will pay...
and you will have so many, i'm sure you'll say,
I could never count them in a hundred days,
so count, count, count those pills, every day!

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