Thursday, October 16, 2008

psych ward

do you know the humiliation
of having your pockets checked
when they are empty?
of needing to have someone to unlock the bathroom door
so that you can get in?
of being placed in "time out" like a 5 year old-
when you're approaching adulthood?
of being given a pack of stickers for a week's "good behavior"
when you know the packs come in packs of 10 for a dollar?
do you know the pain
of being told you're in a safe place
when the atmosphere around you is something you've always considered unsafe?
of sitting in a roomful of triggers
and being commanded to "tell the group what brought you here?"
do you know the frustration
of knowing why you are in a given place
and that the people who are supposed to "help" you are not worthy of trust?
of being about to graduate high school, and knowing you have the intelligence to do so,
but being taught a sixth grade level?

of having two days of the week that the primary activity expected of you is to watch movies,
when you are used to that time being spent reading, singing, and relaxing with family and friends?

Do you know the disgust

of a plate of unrecognizable and tasteless food,
being your lunch, your supper?

Welcome to the psych ward.
Where your feelings-

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