Sunday, November 2, 2008

the flicker dies out

this is a sequel to "a flicker of hope," read that one first!

these hopeful thoughts were quickly replaced instead
with all my fears returning to my head
like the general fear of being wed
more specifically, a man with me in bed

a tear slowly slipped from my eye
the rest of the night, i texted and cried
cuz i couldn't get the fears from my mind
and that tiny little flicker...died...


  1. Just because you have the fear now, doesn't mean that it will never go away. I can't give you any guarantees, of course, but feel free to go on dreaming and enjoying those flickers of hope...

  2. sheffele i, you know, every time i respond to one of your comments, i think i must be talking to myself! to everyone reading this, sheffele i really IS another person, i promise! DID is not one of my diagnoses!

    flickers...flickers just die out too fast. way too fast.

  3. Sweetie, I'm so close to tears by this one...(and now I will try)
    Sheffele, I really truly hope and pray,
    That this flicker will return one day,
    And this time it will be there to stay,
    And the rough times will stay away!

    (You KNOW I don't like to do this...only for you!)


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